"I use the reading program daily and my students' awareness of phonics has grown tremendously. They are not only reading with ease but becoming expert spellers as well."
-Mrs. Scott, Phoenix, AZ

"This is the first program I've tried where it seems like there is a real tutor in the house. The prompting is clear and the tone is very patient and calm."
-D. Lawrence, Philadelphia, PA
Rainglen Reading Tutor
Demonstrations of Selected Key Components

Sorting Demo - Objective: Recognize a new phonic - This demonstration shows how a new sound is introduced, and how the student learns to recognize it quickly within words.
Sorting Demo

Decoding Demo - Objective: Read a new word - This demonstration shows how students use key sounds they have learned to decipher and read a new word.
Decoding Demo

Story Demo - Objective: Read text with understanding - This demonstration shows reading passage number 28. All words have been previously mastered by the student, and the student can focus on understanding the text.
Story Demo

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"Rainglen is Learning!"

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